My name’s Robert Hruska and I’m an artist of 3 different decades.  I love digital art, especially when it’s abstract and colorful.  I’m always trying to push myself in new directions. Constantly morphing the perspective of the original subject into a visual experiment. I work with characteristic style inspired by organic textures found in nature, but also trying different styles in a collaboration with the universe. 
My artworks are mostly used for album covers or as designs for fashion pieces, NFTs and I really enjoy creating loop animations that can show you some kind of the beauty.
OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS, based in Europe – right in the middle (Prague)


  • 2021: group exhibition ~ Tokyo, NEO SHIBUYA TV
  • 2021: group exhibition ~ Miami, Art Basel Miami Beach
  • 2021: group exhibition ~ Zagreb, Glitch Art Festival 2021
  • 2021: group exhibition ~ MetaVerse, ThankYou Makersplace
  • 2020: group exhibition ~ Tokyo, 30 Seconds Museum
  • 2019: book publication ~ Blank Poster Volume 1
  • 2019: group exhibition ~ Zagreb, AKC Medika, fu:bar
  • 2018: group exhibition ~ Paris, Villette Makerz, Blue x80
  • 2018: group exhibition ~ Zagreb, AKC Medika, fu:bar
  • 2017: group exhibition ~ UK, Clinic, London Design Festival
  • 2017: group exhibition ~ Croatia, Galerija Siva, fu:bar
  • 2017: group exhibition ~ California, FicSci, Free the pixels
  • 2017: group exhibition ~ Minnesota, Gamut Gallery, GAID
  • 2016: group exhibition ~ Croatia, AKC Medika, fu:bar


Relaxing with family